Five Reasons Why I’m teaching on TV?

1. It remains an incredibly powerful mode of communication accessed by millions, despite tendencies by some of the more erudite cognoscenti to dismiss it as too low brow. 2. Convergence/Distribution: Not only is it easier than ever before to access TV programs for teaching and learning purposes, the opportunity to study TV allows us a key point of focus for understanding the rapid transformation of culture / cultural production: convergence. 3. Good Material: the production values of new television programming rivals those of large budget films. Often the quality of the scripts and acting are better than what you get with block-buster films. The Wire, the Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Sherlock—these are arguably the new novels of the digital age. 4. Hollywood North: Televisual culture is of particular interest here because Vancouver was a hub of North American TV and Film production, and it remains an important node in the network. As a result, TV is one of the few places Vancouverites might see ourselves reflected on the world stage—albeit unnamed or tagged with Oregon plates. (Until we get better and more arts galleries, concert halls, hip bars etc, TV will remain way up there as a form of entertainment in this sleepy provisional outpost.) 5. It's addictive.

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