What’s On? Teaching and Learning New TV

This semester at Emily Carr I am teaching two courses "on TV"—one figuratively, one literally.
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Social Sciences 300: The New Art of Association With M. Simon Levin, I'm co-teaching SOCS 300: Network/Connect/Collaborate: The New Art of Association. This course is distributed across sites at Emily Carr and North Island College, and it links students from the external BFA with students at the main campus through High Definition audio-video feeds. For this pilot course, Simon and I will move back and forth between Comox and Vancouver, working with the students to take the new gear through its paces while we interrogate the televisual platform conceptually and practically. We're taking our classes on TV, to see how it works to rethink distance education in an era of distributed learning. Art History 333: Adventures in New TV Harry Killas and I are co-teaching AHIS 333: Up on the Wire and Down on Madmen: Adventures in New TV. This is an Interdisciplinary Forums Course based around a collaboration between Emily Carr's studio faculty and academic faculty, and much of the critical material is provided by guest lecturers, invited critics and makers who will share their expertise/interests in new directions in TV: Zoe Druick, Tom Scholte, Ron Burnett, Peg Campbell, David Paperny, Donald MacPherson, Lisa Coultard have all agreed to participate. This course hinges on the question of what TV means here and now: in a west coast "Art School" in an age "convergence." Our course proposal offers a provocation: "If you are not watching TV, what are you looking at?"

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