Maraya—a SSHRC Research/Creation project looking at links between cultural production and the global-urban nexus in relation to connections between waterfront developments in Vancouver, Canada, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates; On Deqq™—a practice-based research project with colleague Dr. Joy James, looking at the use of social media in a 100-level English lecture course, in partnership with Work@Play. This research comes out of my involvement in the Social and Interactive Media (SIM) Research Centre. Assessing Impacts and Outcomes of Research/Creation—a SSHRC President's Fund Initiative supported qualitative study of SSHRC's Research/Creation in the Fine Arts pilot project with Dr. Ashok Mathur, Director of the Centre for Innovation in Culture and the Arts in Canada (CiCAC) at Thompson Rivers University. West Coast Line—Since 2002, I have edited WCL a Simon Fraser University-based cultural journal specializing in west coast Canadian culture and poetics. LINEbooks, a micropress specializing experimental, co-founded with Michael Barholden in 2006.

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  1. Hi Glenn

    I was in your lecture on Metamorphoses at Emily Carr on Wednesday. Lots of great insight, thank you.

    I’m writing my essay on that session and was wondering when you were going to post it onto your blog? I didn’t take decent notes because I thought I’d be able to find it online! Do you think you could send it to Bonne or just post the unedited version for us? That would help a lot!

    Thanks so much

    Hayley Crichton

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