Guelph Postmetropolis talk

These are notes—an essay really—toward a workshop presentation at the Transcanada Institute (Guelph U). The workshop was a meeting for member of the Postmetropolis project (La Laguna U, Spain). There are three main areas of focus for this talk. Arts-based research, a context for an emergent scholarly practice; Bruno Latour’s ideas of assembly, epistemology, and the shifting…

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What’s On? Teaching and Learning New TV

This semester at Emily Carr I am teaching two courses “on TV”—one figuratively, one literally. what’s left from xmas CC, Some rights reserved by atrox_atrox Social Sciences 300: The New Art of Association With M. Simon Levin, I’m co-teaching SOCS 300: Network/Connect/Collaborate: The New Art of Association. This course is distributed across sites at Emily…

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another new website

To introduce my new site, I thought I’d say a few words about why I need another new website. This post lays out some preliminary thoughts on my recently renovated writing practice, while providing a bit of the groundwork for my foray into the blogosphere / twitterdome as a aficionado of collaborative practices.